Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Turn your domain into an IPO

Fusu has every wanna be domainer talking about the Internet "gold rush" again. This time it seems the gold lies in shares of domain names, more recently started offering shares of top level domains for purchase. The concept is very similar to how the stock market works: Take your domain public, in which case people purchase shares of your domain and profit at the time of sale or buy into a domain and cash out at the time of sale.
This concept of domain shareholding seems to be a great new concept for the domain industry. Hopefully I can not only make some money becoming a shareholder of but at least the residuals from the parking income that is split amongst shareholders will cheer me up while I'm waiting for my domain to go public soon. If not the ability to buy a few FUSU masterish type domains still awaits, I see someone already owns maybe is still out there...

Best Success


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