Sunday, June 29, 2008

Domaining Then And Now... Look at the time

When I first started domaining in 03 it was because I saw the potential that a web address could have on customers, competitors, & overall ROI. At $6 a name per year, I figured even if a domain could generate .50 cents a month that at least I could cover my initial investment, and hope for a raised public awareness so the value of my domain name would surely increase.
Five years later I can honestly say that I can cover my yearly domain registration fees, as well as put a little money back into my online business plan for advertising, software, hosting fees, contracted web work, or just buying a nicer PC or laptop. Whatever the case is... I feel pretty good about my current online money situation. Hopefully you all feel the same about yours, if not you should go back and read some of my earlier post on this blog to recap or refreshen some of your Online Money101 skills.
In the mean time I will continue to post about some newer methods of online money or some other related domain name topics & headlines. Until then keep a positive attitude toward your domaining goals, and don't forget to keep searching for the domains that when nurtured properly provide extra revenue beyond yearly fees.

Best Success


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